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Dr. Ahter Ahmed

Department of Business


Greenwich University

DK-10, 38th Street
Darakshan, Phase VI
Defence Housing Authority
Karachi - 75500


I am home to the ancient civilizations of Indus Valley, Moenjodaro, Taxila and Harappa.Himalayas and the Hindu Kush are a part of me. The world’s 2nd highest mountain peak, K2, is my strength. I am Shandur, the highest Polo ground in the world. I am Gawadar, one of the world’s largest deep sea ports. Karakoram Highway, the 8th wonders of the world, resides within me. I have Khewra mines, the world’s second largest and oldest salt mine.I am Shah Faisal Mosque, the ninth largest mosque in the world. I am multi-ethnic and I speak more than 60 languages.

I am the 5th largest milk producer and the 4th largest cotton producer in the world. I have the 5th largest coal and gold reserves. I am blessed with the 10th largest workforce in the world. I have the 27th largest economy. I have the potential to become the 5th largest telecom market in the world.I am Asia’s 2nd best performing stock exchange. I am the 9th largest English-speaking nationin the world. I am the 7th largest standing armed force.

I am a country of 180 million people. I am an ever-expanding middle class. A proud nuclear-armed state yet peace-loving, I have the highest number of troops in UN Peacekeeping missions.I am a model of survival. I am 40,000 deaths for global peace. I am an epitome of resilience.I am hospitality. I am a sea of untapped potential. I am a goldmine of opportunities.